Information designer

Building powerful visuals requires a unique combination of analytical, creative and communication skills. We are looking for motivated people who live at the crossroads of these different skills. Are you a graphic designer with a passion for data and technology? Or maybe a front-end developer who likes to build graphs and think about color schemes? A marketeer or copywriter who loves coding in their spare time? Then you might be the person we are looking for!

  • Ideally you have between 2 and 5 years of experience in either a design role (with a focus on data or information design) or a front-end development role (most online data visuals and visual data-driven stories rely heavily on JavaScript).
  • Some tools we typically use: Adobe Illustrator, d3.js, Tableau, Datawrapper, Google Data Studio, Excel, RAWgraphs,… Any new tool you can bring to the table is a plus!
  • You should be fluent in English. Knowledge of Dutch is a big plus.
infographic design vacature

What will you be doing?

You will guide our clients through a 3-step process: analysis (basic data analysis, desktop research, user interviews, storyline development), concept design (style exploration, creating wireframes and mockups), and development (digital design, front-end development, dashboard building).

We are a small company with high growth ambitions. That means that we cannot offer you an easy job with a fixed task description. One day you might be designing reports, another day you are programming a dashboard, and the next day you are giving a training. Be prepared do deal with clients in sales meetings, brainstorms and design presentations. No worries, we are here to help!

mapping data

What can we offer you?

On top of the job diversity, we can offer you one hell of a ride, with lots of challenging opportunities for learning and growing. The ambition is to grow Baryon into a thriving data design agency in the next few years – and you can play a key role in this process!

Our values are positivity, diversity and essentialism. We like happy, friendly, ambitious people who are not afraid to speak their mind or to go out of their comfort zone. We will do everything we can to fight discrimination based on age, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, religion, political preference, or even an abysmal taste in music. 😉
We can offer you a full-time employment with competitive salary and laptop. Baryon is based in Ghent, Belgium. Most of the work can be done from home, but we can also offer you a coworking spot if you like. No worries, we’ll take care of the public transport costs. We’re also happy to provide you with any training, subscription or book you might need to expand your expertise.

Baryon offices in Gentbrugge, Belgium

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