The challenge

In preparation for their large ‘Media Fast Forward’ event in December, Belgian national public broadcaster VRT organised five ‘on tour’ sessions in different cities on specific topics. These sessions covered hot questions on how cutting-edge technology would impact media in the future: from AI over fake news to Fortnite and gamification.

In order to offer a summary to the visitors of these sessions, and to present the result of their tour at the large event in December, VRT was looking for a way to capture the key messages of the speakers and the key questions of the audience during the events.

Live graphic recording vrt media fast forward

The process

We were present at all five events with a medium (1.1 by 1.5 meter) graphic recording set-up to capture the key messages during the event. Additional challenges were the different formats (for example five simultaneous break-out sessions) and strict styleguide rules (regarding color and typography).

After each event, we turned the sketches into a digital (pdf) version which could be sent to the audience and other interested stakeholders the following day, in order to recall and further spread the interesting ideas shared during the events themselves.

The result

We helped VRT to ensure their messages and Q&A sessions did not get lost, by capturing it in an visual way. We engaged the audience by giving them something interesting to look at, as they could see the summary of the event being built live during the session itself. By the time of the final event in Brussels, VRT had a shareable, visual report containing all the key messages on the different topics covered during the events.

Read more about this client on the website of VRT.

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