Infographics and data visualization

Information graphics, often shortened to ‘infographics’, are an excellent tool to present your complex information in a visually attractive, but correct and accurate way. They combine well-chosen data visualizations with a small amount of text and a handful of clarifying icons and illustrations.

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people remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, 10% of what they hear

If you have a lot of data or complex information and you wish to communicate effectively to either a wide or a very specific audience, an infographic or custom data visualization is the perfect choice. Visual communication helps you to attract more attention, boost interaction with your audience, and get your message across faster.

Different goals, different flavours

Infographics come in any shape or size. They can be created specifically for print in newspapers or magazines, or as a beautiful wall decoration to awe and inspire your guests. Or they can be designed for online use on your website or social media. Online infographics can be static, dynamic, or even completely interactive allowing users to explore the data and information themselves. Pick your favourite flavour!

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Static infographics

Static infographics are perfect for both print and online applications. This can range from a set of small visuals for use on social media to large beautifully crafted posters to decorate your office walls.

Pricing: typically starting at € 1000

Dynamic infographic

Dynamic infographics

Add some spicing to your infographics by introducing animated graphs, maps or illustrations. Guide your audience through a captivating visual story or publish an intriguing visual essay. Use the power of visual storytelling to your full advantage!

Pricing: typically starting at € 2000

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Interactive infographics

The ultimate infographic: get maximal engagement from your audience by providing them with interactive options, letting them explore maps and data visualizations to experience your content at their own fingertips.

Pricing: contact us for a custom offer

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