Sketchnoting and visual harvesting

So you are organizing an event, lecture, debate, or conference. You are looking for an attractive way to engage with your audience during the event, and to share the key messages with the world through social media. After the event, you want to have a concise, visually attractive summary.

Look no further, we are here to help!

koen van der eeckhout workshops

Notes? Where we're going, we don't need notes!

Sketchnotes are a live graphical summary of what’s happening. Remember those boring, old school notes you used to take during lectures at school — ending up in your drawer never to be looked at again? Sketchnotes are nothing like that!

We use paper (or a screen!), a variety of pens and tools, and all our creative juices to turn your event into cool-looking drawings. We watch and listen to what’s happening, outline the structure of a presentation, process the information to highlight key messages and interesting quotes, and turn them into clear, attractive (and sometimes funny!) little drawings.

By combining text with images, sketchnotes stimulate our brain and improve our memory. They are better suited to show structure, and are more fun to read than regular notes, boosting engagement with your audience both during and after the event.

Different goals, different flavours

Not all sketchnotes are alike. We offer several different options, depending on your specific needs and goals. Have your pick!

dementie small format analog sketchnoting

Small format analog sketchnoting

We work on paper, typically A4 or A3-sized sheets, and bring our entire collection of pencils, pens and markers with us to turn your event into a pretty visual. Typically, an hour of presentations will fill about one A4-sized sheet of paper.

Pricing: starting from € 300, depending on the location and duration of the event

website sketchnoting digital

Small format digital sketchnoting

We bring our fancy iPad Pro to your event and do our sketchnoting magic in a digital way. A bit less of the authentic ‘pencil and paper’ feel, but more options to draw the ultimate visual summary and prepare it for digital sharing.

Pricing: starting from € 350, depending on the location and duration of the event

voorbeeld sketchnoting

Large format analog sketchnoting

We’re gonna need a bigger boat! For large format sketchnoting (or ‘graphic recording’) we bring out the big boys so we can draw in front of your audience. Typical sizes are about 1 meter high and 1,5 meters wide (but we are open minded). Maximum engagement achieved!

Pricing: starting from € 500, depending on the location and duration of the event

An offering you can't refuse

At Baryon, we care about your peace of mind, especially on a stressful event day. We prefer to have a personal meeting to discuss your needs and desires for this particular project. Depending on your type of event, the location, your target audience, budget, and the desired end result we will evaluate the different possibilities and make a decision, together with you.

At the day of the event, we will be there well in time. We’ll bring all the necessary materials and set them up according to your wishes. During the event we’ll capture your key messages into the perfect visual summary. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to take pictures of the work in progress. At the end of the day, we’ll clean up and hand you over the final result — or we can send it to you later. If you want we can also send you the digital version afterwards, ready to
share on social media or in a newsletter.


Eager to turn your complex information into a powerful and attractive information graphic?

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