Communicating data can be challenging.

How to make sure that your management truly understands what’s going on? How to convince your clients to take the necessary actions? How to share your insights with a broad audience, and make them stick?

In most of these cases, data visualization is the perfect tool to turn complex data into actionable insights.

But where to start? Which tools can you use? Is it possible to create engaging visuals with Excel and PowerPoint, or do you need expensive software such as Illustrator or Photoshop? How do you create graphs and tables that are not only clear and correct, but also attractive to look at? How do you use modern online tools such as Canva, Datawrapper or Piktochart? And most importantly: how can you build a visual that engages, inspires and convinces your audience?

To help you solve these questions, we offer trainings and presentations tailored for academics and researchers from different fields, as well as for business professionals at different levels (marketeers, consultants, managers,…). Anything between 2 hours and 2 full days is possible, both in an online and offline setting.

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Illustration of a data visualization training

What we can do for you:

infographic workshop

Infographics training

We offer an overview of the dozens of online and offline tools at your disposal to design and create the perfect infographic. Using practical examples, participants will go home with tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, and a checklist to ensure the visualizations in your next publication, newsletter or social media post will be on point!

Number of participants: typically 8 to 16
Duration: between 2 hours and 2 full days
Format: both online and offline are possible

Koen teaching during a data visualization workshop

Data visualization training

Working with data is one of the most essential skills for the future, and crucial to thrive in a world where the amount of information is continuously increasing. In this training we look at the basics of data visualization, discuss good and bad graphs, showcase tools and techniques to craft the perfect chart, and offer guidelines to follow and pitfalls to avoid.

Number of participants: typically 8 to 16
Duration: between 2 hours and 2 full days
Format: both online and offline are possible

Custom trainings or presentations

Hey, we’re flexible! You can hire us for a custom presentation or training in infographics, data visualization, or visual communication in general. We can include examples directly from the data you work with on a daily basis, and present the tools most relevant for your specific use case. We will be our passionate selves and inspire your audience with key insights, tips and tricks, and examples. Lame jokes are included free of charge!

Number of participants: any
Duration: any
Format: both online and offline are possible

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