Information design

You have a lot of interesting data to share, but unfortunately it comes in the form of boring Excel spreadsheets. Or you are working on a complicated, highly technical topic, and you are experiencing difficulties explaining it clearly to your audience. Or maybe your startup is building a world-class new app – the next Uber – but you need world-class visualizations throughout the user interface in order to make it happen.

No matter how dire the situation you are in, we are here to help. With our combined backgrounds in engineering, research, business, innovation and design, we will analyze your issues, ask the right questions and find solutions to untie the Gordian knot and turn your complex information into a visual masterpiece.

website consultancy main
website consultancy basic


aka 88 miles per hour

We will work with you on a recurring basis for a total of 1 workday per month.

Pricing: € 800 per month

website consultancy standard


aka Warp factor 7

We work with you on a recurring basis for a total of 2 workdays per month.

Pricing: € 1.600 1.520 per month (5% discount)

website consultancy premium


aka Class 0.5 hyperdrive

We work with you on a recurring basis for a total of 4 workdays per month.

Pricing: € 3.200 2.880 per month (10% discount)

Eager to turn your complex information into a powerful and attractive information graphic?

Let us know how we can help.

Other services

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We love to share our passion for information design with you!

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