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The future of communication is visual. Infographics, data visualization and information design are excellent tools to effectively communicate a complex message to your audience.

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A tsunami of data and information is coming our way, and visualization is one of the crucial solutions to keep it manageable. Our experienced team of information designers is ready to turn your complex information into powerful visuals that will boost your audience engagement.

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We love to share our passion for data visualization with you!

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Ten years of data visualization experience bundled in a practical, hands-on book for everyone who regularly needs to communicate with data!

Frequently asked questions

The main goal of an information design agency is to process complex information and data – which are hard to understand – and turn them into effective visual representations – which are easy to understand.

This goes far beyond just drawing a pretty picture. We take our time to analyze the target audience and fully understand the objectives of the information sharing. We then combine principles of graphic design, data visualization, user experience and interaction design to develop compelling visual narratives optimized to reach these objectives. All of this requires a multi-disciplinary team skilled in analysis, communication, design and development.

The end results can be static, animated or fully interactive charts, infographics, reports, or visual stories. In this way, an information design agency helps businesses, organizations, and scientists to effectively communicate their insights to a wide range of audiences.

The time it takes to create an infographic or interactive report can vary depending on the complexity of the data, the scope of the project, and the level of interactivity required. Each process involves three phases: analysis, design, and development.

For a standard, non-interactive infographic of A4 or A3 size these three phases can be executed in approximately two to four weeks.

An interactive infographic or visual storytelling piece has a longer development phase and will typically require between four and eight weeks.

A fully interactive report has an intense analysis phase in which we process and structure all of the available information, and determine the optimal table of contents and chart types. Dozens of charts need to be designed and built in an online version, and often in a printed version as well. From start to finish, such a report could take two to four months to complete.

The cost of creating an infographic or interactive report depends on various factors, such as the project’s complexity, the number of visual elements required, and the level of interactivity.

We offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client and are happy to work with you to determine a solution that suits your specific needs and budget.

For a standard, A4- or A3-sized infographic without any dynamic or interactive elements you should expect an investment of € 2500. This covers the analysis and structuring of the available information, defining the style and creation of visual concepts, and the actual development of the infographic – including copywriting and design revisions.

For interactive infographics and visual stories, you should expect an investment roughly around € 10000, depeding mainly on the number of visuals in the story, and the level of interactivity and originality.

For fully interactive reports or custom dashboards the expected budget is around € 25000. The size of the data and the number of sources are the main determining factors.

An overview of the expected budget for different types of projects, including some relevant examples, can be found in this pdf file:



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