In communication, getting your message across is of the most crucial importance.

Whether you are looking for an elegant infographic, a shrewd figure or a clear visualization, we are here to help.

Baryon offers graphic design and advice to scientists, academics, companies, organizations, and everyone who wants to transform complex information into powerful visualizations.

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Hello! I am Koen, a 29 year old consultant at EY with a PhD in physics. I started Baryon to combine two of my passions: effective scientific communication and graphic design.

By day, I help clients to secure funding for their innovative R&D projects. At night, I like to play around with data visualizations, Illustrator, python and d3.js.

It is my goal to assist companies, scientists and academics to get their message across in the most clear, powerful, and elegant way possible.

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A scientific background

As a physicist, I know how to handle scientific data, and I realize the importance of bringing your message both comprehensible and scientifically correct.

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A personal approach

I insist on a personal meeting with every client at the start of a project. I have found that it is the best way to make sure we are on the same wavelength.

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An eye for detail

The difference between good design and great design is in the details. My scientific eye will make sure that your message gets the perfection it deserves.

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Design with a heart

5% of your money is used to support de Zon­ne­bloem­blaad­jes, a group of young volunteers organizing summer camps for disabled youth.

Baryon also has a blog with regular updates, new portfolio work, interesting links, and graphic design tips for scientists and academics.

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