Data visualization

When you’re sitting on a large pile of data, turning it into valuable insights to explore and act upon is hard. It’s easy to get lost in endless worksheets and tedious tables. Showing lots of numbers will overwhelm your audience. Fortunately, data visualization is one of the most effective ways to share your information.

But it’s tough. Great data visuals must be:

  1. Clear: requiring little, if any, explanation
  2. Correct: beauty should never trump accuracy
  3. Attractive: a great visual is a pleasure to look at!

At Baryon, we can help you do exactly that. We are experts in many different data visualization approaches.

What we can do for you

Table design: (re)designing tables, removing noise and adding helpful elements to make tables easier to read and interact with.

Chart design: (re)designing charts, choosing the correct chart type or designing new chart types. Maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio and perfecting color and typography choices. We can also develop data design guidelines as a helpful manual for designing your charts in the future.

Chart interaction / UX: integrating charts in the user experience of your website or app. Can users zoom and filter, and how should the chart behave when doing so? How will charts transition between different states? What level of detail is required at each data depth?

Maps: creating impactful maps for print and digital, static and interactive applications.

Dashboard analysis and design: (re)designing dashboards, ensuring that the right information is presented clearly at the right time. Optimizing the user experience through layout, color and typography, and interactivity choices.

Let’s make your data visual!

Make sure to browse through some data visualization examples on our portfolio page.

If you’re ready to turn your own complex data into powerful visuals, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help! Or book a free 60-minute strategy session to get you on the right track.

Eager to turn your complex information into a powerful and attractive information graphic?

Let us know how we can help.

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